Our priority is the welfare of our members, for this, our objective consists on improving their physical and mental condition through sport.

What is your goal?

Recover injuries

Release stress

Lose weight

Toning musculature

Increase volume

Pre and post-partum exercises


Maximize Results!

To do this, our personal trainers will design a specific training program and food habits customized to your needs.

Work methodology:


We focus on quality rather than quantity.


Personal training is offered both inside the club and abroad according to the training modality.

Types of INDOOR personal training

Specific personal training, injury recovery

Dynamic training: HIIT training (High Intervalic Intensity Training)

Functional training: Crossfit / TRX

Types of personal training OUTDOOR

Swimming (seasonal mode)

Running – Trekking


Paddle Tenis

Circuit Training on the beach

But if what you need is commitment and motivation to practice any activity or simply disconnect from the routine, we can also tailor your customized training.