The practice of running has great benefits that act directly on health since in the very short term they generate a pleasant feeling due to the release of endorphins, an improvement on the mental side and a reduction of stress levels, but like everything, a bad execution of the practice of such activity may be counterproductive.
The way in which we perform the running is very important to make effective the multiple benefits associated with this practice and to avoid and prevent injuries.
Our coaches will advise you and correct some of the most common positions that may lead to a bad practice of this activity and that may be harmful.
Important TO AVOID making the following most common mistakes:
Incorrect trunk position
Wrong cervical position
Incorrect movement of arms
Incorrect strides
Incorrect treads
Bad choice of specific material
Other essential factors to consider before running are the characteristics and physical condition, taking into account possible injuries.
Another important factor is that the methodology must be continuous and progressive to avoid possible future injuries.
If you are interested in joining our Running Club, get in touch with us and we will be happy to have you.