Group sport activities for employees, new added value for companies.
The goal of sport activities designed for workers is to make them happier at work.
If the worker is happy and feels valued, greater productivity and loyalty to the company
Sport activities for companies are programs in which objective is to achieve an improvement of the mental and physical welfare of the employee through sport practices; It is the so-called Wellness Corporate .
These business dynamics allow to strengthen and improve team work relationships, take care of health, eliminate and reduce work stress.
Our Objective: To take care of the health of your workforce.
We are experts in corporate welfare programs, contact us to carry out the health of your company.
Video Wellness Corporate
To develop the program of sport activities it is important to define the objective of the practice:
Increase performance.
Socialization and integration among employees.
Improve the mental and physical health of employees.
Promote the benefits of physical exercise in health.
Help integration, interpersonal and work relationships.
Improve the work environment through physical exercise.
Reduce stress.
Release tensions.
It is also necessary to know the needs and profile of the employees to adapt the activity to the company.
For the performance of this corporate sport activities, you can have our facilities or our personal trainers can go to the company facilities with the specific material for the activity, or at the outdoor environment that best suits the group activity.
If you have a space and are interested in assigning it and enabling it to develop healthy activities, we offer you our WELLNESS INTEGRAL ASSEMBLY SERVICE.
Integral Service includes:
Advice and consulting – Study of space – Taking Budgets – Execution – Assembly
Start your path to wellness.
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