“Intensity is the price of excellence” Warren Buffet

It is a form of high intensity interval physical training that has been very successful due to the large number of results obtained in a short period of time.

May time not be your excuse!

It combines high intensity and low intensity interval exercises used as a rest to recover and bring your body to your maximum heart rate again.

Sprints, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, strides or high-intensity jumps alternating with periods of recovery.

The HIIT training was developed some decades ago by track trainers with the aim of improving the preparation of the runners. Before it was known as the training “Fartlek”, a combination of the Swedish words fart (speed) and lek (play). Therefore, it literally means “speed game”, which is a good description of HIIT.

There are different HIIT training programs according to the objective to be covered:

– HIIT core, training especially focused on the work of the abdominal area and back.

– HIIT to burn fat, the increased metabolism of your body helps you lose fat.

– HIIT to tone muscles.